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Daisy van der Genugten.


Amsterdam 23 - 08 - 2015

The weather on this Sunday is perfect. Wandering around without a jacket, only wearing a shawl and a cosy sweater. Even though the city looks the same as always, it’s good to stroll around without tourists running everywhere. Seeing the city from another point of view. Noticing things you won’t notice when the city is in a hurry. Like some bikes (which are literally everywhere) don’t even have a saddle.
I find myself walking along the canals, looking at the historic buildings and typography. When I suddenly realised how amazing this city is. Every day is different and new. If you see something you never know if it will be the same when you come back to the same place. So here I am, with my SLR camera round my neck; trying to capture the typographic world in Amsterdam the way I see and experience it. Today.


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